Ok so here’s my final “Goodbye Newsies” post

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon one of my old tumblr posts from the 30 day Newsies challenge and the question was “Why do you love Newsies?” and going back and reading my answer almost made me cry. Here it is:

Gah this show is so important to me. I might not even be sitting here in this dorm room about to start studying theatre had it not been for Newsies. I’m so grateful for this show.

I’m about to start posting my personal Newsies posts now so just bear with me
OKAY so I just had a thought about how like the show WILL live on even though it’s not playing on Broadway
like think about it: after the tour their gonna license it to regional theatres and schools and like that’s really cool
like we get to see different interpretations of it from costumes, sets, new actors, etc.
and I just keep thinking about little kids auditioning for their school’s production and that being the reason they fall in love with theatre
This really could be a good thing so let’s be positive (after of course we cry through the night)
But yep that’s all for now

So I got last minute tickets to If/Then tonight and LET ME TELL YOU IT IS SO GOOD.
Like the music, the lighting, the actors, and basically everything was just SO good.
Curtis was on as Lucas and he was fantastic. I love Anthony Rapp because he’s Anthony Rapp, but if I had not known who he was I would have not been at all disappointed with Curtis. (His singing was actually possibly better than Anthony’s). Idina was basically perf, of course. And so was everyone else. Ugh this show.
I met Jenn, Curtis, and LaChanze afterwards at the stagedoor and we saw Idina go to her car with her son
And now my mom and I are about to have dinner, so bye!

Just got back from Newsies omg it was still so amazing and I love this show so much. It means so much to me that I got to see it one last time before it closes. I saw Luca as Les and there were a couple of swings and understudies on (including Fatica who I got to meet) and it was my first time seeing Corey so YEAH WOW he’s amazing. And Capathia is back!! Gah I love her. I stagedoored afterwards too so I’ll put the pics up. WEEE NEWSIESSSSS FOREVERRERR

Tony Awards Tomorrow!

AHHH! I’m so excited! Okay, so like I tend to go overboard with stuff sometimes and so I’ve totally gone overboard to celebrate the Tonys, so I thought I might as well share some of it! Obviously, I’m making my family make their picks on the ballot, so there’s that. But I’m also making them play a Tony bingo game. They’re gonna love me. No but really my mom and I played Broadway.com’s version last year, so I thought I’d make my own this year! After this post, I’ll be uploading the game cards in case anyone wants to borrow them for tomorrow. :D I also made a Spotify playlist of some songs from the nominated shows that I may just play on repeat until everyone has had enough. AND (I’m super excited about this one) I’m making cupcakes! The cupcake batter will just be plain with white icing, but I bought silver glitter dust to put on top of the icing, and I’m printing out mini Playbills of nominated shows to put on top! I’ll probably upload pictures (if everything goes accordingly) so look out for those! Yep. Super excited.