Okay guys, so if you didn’t already know, the fansies are making individual goodbye books to the cast members to give before Newsies closes. So you should definitely submit pictures/messages to the cast members. BUT now there is also a book for Jeremy Jordan that I’ll be putting together. If you have any things you want to say to him or pictures you’d like to send, email them to me at Let’s try to focus on his role in Newsies, but it would also be nice to wish him luck in Finding Neverland & The Last 5 Years since those are his upcoming projects. For the full list of goodbye books, look here:

Just got back from Newsies omg it was still so amazing and I love this show so much. It means so much to me that I got to see it one last time before it closes. I saw Luca as Les and there were a couple of swings and understudies on (including Fatica who I got to meet) and it was my first time seeing Corey so YEAH WOW he’s amazing. And Capathia is back!! Gah I love her. I stagedoored afterwards too so I’ll put the pics up. WEEE NEWSIESSSSS FOREVERRERR